Continuous security controls validation

Threat-Informed Defense: What Is It and How to Implement It?

Many organizations struggle to gauge the true effectiveness of their security controls. Security measures frequently falter without detection and breaches still have significant consequences. Cybersecurity teams require a proactive and straightforward method to consistently monitor the actual performance of their security programs. To address this issue, adopting a Threat-Informed Defense strategy becomes crucial. Through ongoing

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Cyber stress tests using automated Breach & Attack Simulation

Tesco Plc recently disclosed in its 2022 Annual Report that it had conducted a cyber stress test to simulate the potential affect that a damaging cyber incident would have on its business and specifically, on the financial impact of having its customer data compromised. An article written by Verdict concludes that the fact that Tesco

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Continuous Security Controls Validation

As a CISO, your job is to set up a balanced security program that defends your company against a variety of cyber attacks. It's not an easy task: typically, it takes years before a security program reaches maturity. Maintaining your company's security program is even more difficult. How do you ensure you continuously stay on

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