Will Your Cyber Security Controls Stop It All?

If you haven’t tested them you can’t know for certain!

Validato can affordably test them against all ransomware tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Discover the shocking truth about undetected MITRE ATT&CK Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)

A recent study¹ found that Enterprise SIEMs only have detections for 24% of the 196 MITRE ATT&CK TTPs. How about your SIEM?

Validato will enable you to easily measure your present detection rate and guide you through the remediation process.

¹Third Annual State of Siem Detection Risk Report by CardinalOps 

Need help determining the ROI of your Security Control investments and their effectiveness?

Determine, with quantifiable data, the effectiveness of your organisation’s security controls, without spending a fortune.

Validato will enable you to continuously measure the effectiveness of your security controls and provide you with quantifiable ROI data.

Tired of expensive security solutions with unknown weaknesses?

There is a smarter way. Validato isn’t just another expensive security product. It’s a proactive approach that identifies your exact security gaps, the ones most likely to be exploited by attackers.

Validato prioritises threats and guides you with step-by-step fixes. It doesn’t just overwhelm you with a list of vulnerabilities. Validato provides step-by-step remediation procedures, giving you a clear roadmap to patch those vulnerabilities and strengthen your defences.

Ways Validato Can Be Used

Test cyber resilience against known threats

Validato is a threat-informed defence platform that allows IT and Information Security teams to safely test their resilience against known threats.

Test effectiveness of Managed Service Providers

Many organisations around the world outsource all or part of their security operations to external service providers. Test their effectiveness and SLAs with Validato.

Comply with the latest cyber resilience based legislation and regulations

New regulations and legislation, like DORA and NIS2 in the EU and GLBA in the USA, require affected organisations to regularly test their resilience against cyber threats. Validato is your ideal partner to conduct this cyber resilience testing.

Fine tune SOC threat detection capabilities

Validato verifies that the correct log and event data associated with key threats is being received by SIEMs and threat analysts. Use Validato in your SOC to continuously validate the fidelity of your SIEM log data.

Test & compare endpoint security effectiveness

The endpoint security tool market is fiercely competitive with a range of vendor offerings available, but which solution is best for you? Test them with Validato.

Thorough and rapid M&A and critical vendor due diligence

Need independent and unbiased data on the internal risk posture of a company? Whether it is an acquisition target or a critical vendor risk assessment, Validato should be your preferred choice to obtain the clearest picture

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