11th March 2024

London, United Kingdom – Validato, a leading provider of security controls validation technology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Absec, a distinguished information security service provider. This collaboration aims to amalgamate the expertise of both entities, thereby delivering enhanced solutions and value to their respective clientele.

Distinguished for its innovative breach and attack simulation solutions, Validato has swiftly gained prominence in the cyber security landscape. Validato emulates cyber threat scenarios securely, facilitating the assessment and validation of security controls’ effectiveness. Notably, Validato is a proud alumnus of the UK’s esteemed “NCSC For Startups” program, renowned for its support in nurturing burgeoning cyber security ventures. “We are delighted to join forces with Ales and the Absec team to extend Validato’s cutting-edge security controls validation capabilities to a wider audience, particularly amidst heightened concerns surrounding cyber threats such as Ransomware,” stated Ronan Lavelle, Co-Founder of Validato.

Absec is excited to announce their strategic partnership with Validato, a European pioneer in security controls validation. This collaboration enhances their commitment to delivering cutting-edge, proactive cyber security solutions. “Through our firsthand experience with Validato’s technology, we’ve been impressed by the swift and intuitive deployment process, accessible to users of all skill levels,” says Ales Janicek, founder of Absec. “We were also immediately provided with highly valuable and actionable information on our security posture, pinpointing exactly what needs improvement and how to effectively address these issues. But what surprised us the most was the vast amount of know-how and precisely targeted information that the tool immediately provided for resolving the findings,” concludes Absec’s cyber-resilience team.

In the dynamic realm of cyber security, characterised by evolving threats and attack methodologies, the regular refinement and recalibration of security controls are imperative for accurate threat detection and mitigation. Leveraging Validato’s dependable performance metrics, Absec can now furnish real-time insights into the efficacy of existing security measures.

For further information, please reach out to:

Christie Streicher, Chief Marketing Officer
Email: [email protected]

Ales Janicek, CEO
Email: [email protected]